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I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing

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WHOOPS looks like it’s Lady Olenna Tyrell who killed Joffrey, not Sansa like I was thinking earlier

So this is how it goes down:

  1. Sansa receives a necklace from Ser Dontos, the knight-turned-fool, in S4E1. She wears it to the wedding, presumably because it looks nice and receiving it is about the best thing that’s happened to her since she got out of marrying Joff
  2. Olenna approaches Sansa in one of the opening scenes in the wedding, talking to her about how sorry she was to hear about Robb Stark’s death, how she should come to Highgarden, etc. BUT while doing this she plays with Sansa’s hair, and while doing so pulls one of the blue gems from the necklace off and conceals it on her person. Sansa is very briefly surprised, but in true Sansa fashion weathers this event like the 23904209 other shitty/weird things she’s had to endure since her dad’s head got chopped off.
  3. Scene with Joff and Tyrion, the cup, the wine, etc etc.
  4. Margaery: “Look, the pie!!!!”
  5. Margaery takes Joff’s glass and sets it down not on her and Joff’s table, BUT RIGHT NEXT TO LADY OLENNA. They proceed to not show that part of the table at all in the next few shots of the pie, Joff eating it, Joff telling Tyrion not to leave, etc.
  6. Margaery gives Joff his cup back, which has just been poisoned by Olenna. There’s a very brief cut to Olenna when he takes it as well.
  7. He drinks
  8. He coughs
  9. He chokes
  10. HE DIES.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the anatomy of the death of one of the most hateable characters to grace the silver screen.

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I still can’t figure out what it was Sherlock “meant to say, always, but never have” if it wasn’t I love you.

Like nothing else makes sense.

John… I never really liked your jumpers.

John… Mrs. Hudson is actually our housekeeper.

John… I actually know Lestrade’s name is Greg, i just like watching him lose his shit.

John… I kissed Moriarty on the roof. It was awesome.

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